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pthwndxrclzp wrote:

> Wow. Now I'm *really* confused. I don't have text references available, 
> but I always thought it was axiomatic that Baldanders was a baby Abaia 
> -- and as such, an alien infant dropped or otherwise delivered to Urth. 
> Obviously, that could be wrong, but I can't recall a single indication 
> that he was originally a human being. Quite the opposite -- it seems 
> like Wolfe takes great pains to show us that Baldanders is something 
> very "other."

The question is more properly, "What sorts of things are Baldanders?" 
He isn't just one thing, and doesn't merely symbolize one thing. He's a 
tree, he's a man, he's a black magician who wants to take God's place.

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