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Thu May 18 12:53:35 PDT 2006

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>Well, interesting. It seems there are at least two or three here who flout
>the naming convention that urth humans have saint names and aliens have
>mythological names in BotNS. So Typhon (hundred headed Greek demon),
>Baldanders (Borges growing giant) and presumably Talos (bronze man, foe of
>Jason) are humans in BotNS.

I'm not sure the monster convention means those so named are aliens so much 
as non-human; at least that's the theory I favor.

>If so, are Abaia (meleanesian giant eel), Erebus (Greek darkness, son of
>Chaos), Arioch (Miltonian, Moorcockian demon), Scylla (Greek monster, foe 
>Odysseus) and others of the 17 megatherians also human or of human origin?
>Anyway what are the names of the other 13?  Could we guess Uroburos?

Absolutely Uroboros: "I've heard that in the hot forests of the north, the 
Autarch of All Serpents is Uroboros, the brother of Abaia, and that hunters 
who discover his burrow believe they have found a tunnel under the sea, and 
descending it enter his mouth and all unknowing climb down his throat, so 
that they are dead while they still believe themselves living..."

Possible others include Juripari and Catodon and maybe the being Humbaba's 
Stick is named after, who's sort of a megatherian giant in the epic of 


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