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Typhon's own hair? I'm pretty sure it's blond, contrasting
with Piaton's black. Unless I've reversed them.

On 5/18/06, b sharp <bsharporflat at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Well, interesting. It seems there are at least two or three here who flout
> the naming convention that urth humans have saint names and aliens have
> mythological names in BotNS. So Typhon (hundred headed Greek demon),
> Baldanders (Borges growing giant) and presumably Talos (bronze man, foe of
> Jason) are humans in BotNS.
> If so, are Abaia (meleanesian giant eel), Erebus (Greek darkness, son of
> Chaos), Arioch (Miltonian, Moorcockian demon), Scylla (Greek monster, foe of
> Odysseus) and others of the 17 megatherians also human or of human origin?
> Anyway what are the names of the other 13?  Could we guess Uroburos?
> extrapolate to Charybdis? Hydra? Leviathan?  Moby Dick?  Sponge Bob?
> *Okay, my last quiz didn't work out so well, perhaps this will, though it IS
> a toughie.  What color is Typhon's hair? (hint- to determine you'll need to
> glean and combine minor facts from both Sword and Urth)
> -bsharp
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