(urth) Baldanders

Adam Thornton adam at io.com
Thu May 18 08:15:32 PDT 2006

On May 18, 2006, at 9:48 AM, b sharp wrote:

>   Wolfe also says:
>> "I also gave the people and other beings in the book real names,  
>> with the
>> exception of the Ascian >who appears in The Citadel -- Loyal to  
>> the Group
>> Seventeen. As for the monsters' names, I simply >named them for  
>> monsters".
> So Baldanders would seem to be either an "other being" or monster  
> which may
> be the inspiration for some who feel he is a "baby Abaia".  
> Nonetheless he
> seems to start out looking like a small man. There are some other  
> characters
> from the stars who seem to appear as small men........

I don't see why monsters can't be genetically human.  Typhon and  
Baldanders both behave monstrously regardless of what their DNA looks  


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