(urth) Thecla/Hethor

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Fri May 5 10:37:05 PDT 2006

>From: Macronaut <macronaut at yahoo.com>

>Hethor wouldn't need special powers to move backward
>in time if he had been a crewman on Tzadkiel's ship, a
>la Gunnie/Burgundofara.  Speaking of which, where is
>the little gray man on the ship mentioned?

URTH, Chapter XIII, "The Battles," paragraph 3:

"Again my semblance stepped forward. Having relieved myself of something of 
the contempt I felt for him, I was able to note his dragging foot and the 
arrogant angle at which he poised his head. The leader spoke again, and a 
little man with dirty gray hair like Hethor's told me, 'He desires you to do 
likewise. If you do not, we will kill you.'"

>I don't know about shapeshifting, but the Hethor-Purn
>connection is hard to ignore -- Hethor's talk about
>feeding the "dying pets," and Purn feeding the apports
>and noting that most of them die.  So Purn seems a
>likely candidate to me.

Excellent point, and one that I don't believe has been mentioned before.


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