(urth) Eyes of Thecla

Ranjit Bhatnagar ranjit at moonmilk.com
Wed May 3 07:43:49 PDT 2006

Maru wrote:
> I understand that setting up a wiki on Wikia (formerly Wikicities;
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikia) is fairly easy and free; if you
> don't like the GFDL, other licenses can be chosen. My personal
> preference would be simply going with public domain (hasn't hurt
> InfoAnarchy (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/InfoAnarchy)), but I imagine
> other can differ.

I can also set one up quite easily on urth.net - my hosting company
gives me a big red button that says "WIKI" on it, which I need simply
push.  I'd be glad to do that if people are interested.  However, I
won't have time to administer it at all - setting up the initial
structure, editing, monitoring for spam and vandalism - so I'd have to
ask that others commit to take care of the thing!  What do you think?

- ranit

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