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maru dubshinki marudubshinki at gmail.com
Mon Jun 26 10:04:19 PDT 2006

On 6/23/06, JWillard <aldenweer at charter.net> wrote:
> Daniel D Jones wrote:
> >So, did the idea of a Lupine Wiki fall apart or what?
> >
> >I'm asking because I recently bought several Wolfe short story collections.
> >(I'm currently reading the last story in "The Island of Doctor Death...")
> >I'd love to be able to go to a Wiki and see some commentary on the stories
> >after I finish them. I get the feeling that I'm missing important things in
> >several of them.

> I'm still game: Maru, tell us what you need us to do to get it moving
> :) Would it help to have a launch/design committee of some kind so that
> projects could be assigned/decisions made? Are we still stuck on what
> kind of wiki to use? If we are, what's the simplest way to become
> unstuck? Public domain?

No, I'm still interested. It's just that I've been having Internet
access problems (so I've got ~90! Urth.net email to catch up on), my
other projects on Wikipedia proper have been slowly piling up, *and*
my job has gotten more demanding, physical-presence-wise. I'm working
to resolve the first two, but I don't know how quickly I can free up
my time to work on a Wolfe wiki. I have a bit of a business trip
coming up this weekend, which is even *more* problematic, but assuming
you guys can decide on a license and a name (and all goes well on my
end), I can probably start importing Wikipedia articles within a week
or two.

I don't really think a comittee is needed- I just think that we need
to make some decisions. If it were up to me, I'd simply say "Public
domain" and "Wolfe Wiki", since the first can be legally changed later
(public domain is compatible with all licenses, but it is one way...)
and the latter is an obvious place holder, so no one really minds us
changing it- I mean, look at Wookieepedia, originally they were the
"Star Wars Wiki". Nobody complains about such a change.


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