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Jeff Wilson jwilson at io.com
Tue Jun 13 00:34:31 PDT 2006

Russell Wodell wrote:

> I obtained the Lexicon fairly easily through interlibrary loan in Canada; it 
> even came from an American library, without charge, in about two weeks. 
> Normally I wouldn't do this for a book still in print, but as others have 
> noted, the price now is prohibitive.
> Wouldn't a Wolfe wiki more or less have to include, or duplicate, all of 
> Andre-Driussi's hard work?

some of it, but his work itself duplicates Wolfe's hard work.... Of 
course, wikifying the book is likely to produce new insights and 
discoveries that can be fed back into the new edition of the LEXICON, so 
he may be more than repaid for the few unbound copies unsold to 
dilletantes who satisfy their curiosity with the wiki instead.

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