(urth) SRD on obscurity

Daniel D Jones ddjones at riddlemaster.org
Sat Jun 10 06:14:34 PDT 2006

On Friday 09 June 2006 18:50, pthwndxrclzp wrote:
> Probably because he's the most egregiously untalented fantasy hack ever to
> (unaccountably) get published?

I fail to understand this.

Certainly, I have no problem with you not liking Donaldson.  The world would 
be a boring place indeed if we all had the same tastes and opinions.  But 
this isn't a statement that his works don't appeal to you.  It's an ad 
hominem attack that is clearly not factually true.  (That is, however much 
you dislike Donaldson, I find it extremely hard to believe that you think he 
has less talent than, say, Gary Gygax.)

There are lots of writers I don't care for.  I read all but the last two 
chapters of the first book of Brooks _Shanara_ series, laid it down and 
haven't read a single word by him since.  I can't stand reading Weis and 
Hickman.  Alan Dean Foster leaves me cold.  I never cared for Philip Jose 
Farmer, although I know others who swear he's a god in human form.  But I 
don't find it necessary to despise any of these people or their writings.  I 
express my opinion by not devoting my money and time to their efforts.  I 
don't understand why that isn't sufficient.

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