(urth) Father Inire

b sharp bsharporflat at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 10 08:25:02 PDT 2006

In response to the possibility of Isangoma and later the jungle guide being 
Father Inire
Jeff Wilson notes:

>However, Isangoma is butt naked; nothing to hide Inire's nonhuman nature or 
>his ultratech gadgets.

True, he is, and so is the jungle guide (except for a mask, hiding eyes?) 
and his young twin assistants.  All four of these guys have dark 
metallic-looking skin.  Sounds a bit alien to me. This might be Father 
Inire's true form.

Just curious about people's opinions.  Father Inire never makes an official, 
announced appearance in BotNS. Are there some who think he is forever an 
absent character like Norm's wife in Cheers or Niles' wife in Frazier?


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