(urth) Short Story ID?

Michael Straight mfstraight at gmail.com
Fri Jun 2 10:07:52 PDT 2006

I'm trying to remember the name of one of Wolfe's older short stories.  It's
told from two points of view - one, some sort of archeologist type character
writing a report and seeing the action of the story from a scientific point
of view, the other, from the native alien's point of view who sees the
action as magical/mythical.  I think maybe the alien point of view is in
italics throughout.

I'm pretty sure it's not in Endangered Species, Island of Doctor Death and
Other Stories and Other Stories, or any of the collections after IODDAOSAOS.

I'd been calling it "Thag" in my head, but just realized that "Thag" is a
totally different story.
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