(urth) commentary?

b sharp bsharporflat at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 26 05:18:52 PDT 2006

Joel asks:
>Does anyone know if Wolfe has a commentary/journals/letters that will 
>reveal all when he dies? Or >is he just going to leave everyone hanging?

I would like that (revelations) but I'm not encouraged by this Wolfe 
interview excerpt from Lawrence Person:

>LP: Final question! Homer, of course, is one of those writers whose work is 
>remembered, at least >in his case, thousands of years after his death. How 
>well do you think your own work will be >remembered?

>GW: Oh Lord! (long pause) Goodness sake. (pause) This is really, really a 
>mean question that >you're asking.

>LP: (laughs) That's why we put it last.

>GW: Well I'm glad you did. Uh, I don't know. Two or three hundred years, 
>possibly. It's very hard >to answer that without being either falsely 
>modest or braggadocios. I would guess, a couple, >three hundred years. 
>That's only a guess.

If Wolfe hopes to affect his readers 300 years hence in the same way he 
affects extant readers then I would guess he wouldn't want any extra 
revelations after his death.


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