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Roy C. Lackey wrote:

> Jeff Wilson quoted and wrote:
>>b sharp wrote:
>>>Agia is familiar with the cave but also very familiar with the Botanic
>>>Gardens. Who built them and who planted the averns (to keep out
>>>manatees/undines...hmm..)?  Who put the treasure in the cave and set the
>>>man-apes to guard it?  Who is having these perversions of human+beasts
> guard
>>>the Nessus wall and the gold carriage at Orithyea? Who is this devilish
>>>leader who has inspired a cult to prevent the coming of the New Sun?
>>>I cannot answer on the grounds that I am accused of obsession ;-).  And
>>>dammit, as I wrote this I realized Father Inire probably makes another
>>>appearance I hadn't thought of before.  This SUCKS!
>>These last sound more like the doings of the Autarch, who is flat out
>>shown doing sneaky things under assumed identities, unlike Inire who is
>>only suspected of it.
> Jeff is right about the man-apes of the treasure mine being the autarch's to
> command -- see the first page of chapter XXXI in CITADEL.
> Am I reading you right? Are you seriously suggesting that Inire was working
> to prevent the coming of the New Sun?

If Inire is really all those other people and in all those other places, 
he's likely a double agent posing as one of the sun-stoppers, the same 
way the Autarch is also a spy for Vodalus' revolution against the 
Autarchy, and the BFO trio court both black thaumaturgists like 
Baldanders and saintly theurgists like Severian. On which side his true 
loyalties lie would be hazy.

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