(urth) Agia/Hypogeon

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Sun Jul 23 22:04:31 PDT 2006

Jeff Wilson quoted and wrote:

>b sharp wrote:
>> Agia is familiar with the cave but also very familiar with the Botanic
>> Gardens. Who built them and who planted the averns (to keep out
>> manatees/undines...hmm..)?  Who put the treasure in the cave and set the
>> man-apes to guard it?  Who is having these perversions of human+beasts
>> the Nessus wall and the gold carriage at Orithyea? Who is this devilish
>> leader who has inspired a cult to prevent the coming of the New Sun?
>> I cannot answer on the grounds that I am accused of obsession ;-).  And
>> dammit, as I wrote this I realized Father Inire probably makes another
>> appearance I hadn't thought of before.  This SUCKS!
>These last sound more like the doings of the Autarch, who is flat out
>shown doing sneaky things under assumed identities, unlike Inire who is
>only suspected of it.

Jeff is right about the man-apes of the treasure mine being the autarch's to
command -- see the first page of chapter XXXI in CITADEL.

Am I reading you right? Are you seriously suggesting that Inire was working
to prevent the coming of the New Sun?


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