(urth) Urth before Earth

b sharp bsharporflat at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 23 07:24:15 PDT 2006

Roy writes:

>There are other Earth books quoted in the Urth Cycle. Iirc, someone, 
>somewhere, has listed >them. Mantis mentions the line from Marlowe's 
>FAUSTUS (CLAW, chapter XXVIII) in the "brown >book" entry in his LEXICON 
>URTHUS, as well as an URTH quote from Genesis 37:9.

Any further help in finding the list would be appreciated.  Genesis 37:9 is 
about Joseph and reads:

>Then he had another dream, and this one, too, he told to his brothers. "I 
>had another dream," he >said; "this time, the sun and the moon and eleven 
>stars were bowing down to me."

I can't even find that in Urth. It surely is important.  Help!


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