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--- Dave Lebling wrote:

> http://mysite.verizon.net/~vze2tmhh/gwjbj3.html
> Jim Jordan's interview with Wolfe (at the above
> link) answers your question.
> Search for "Sparta."

Very helpful, Dave -- many thanks!  

That's what I thought happened, actually, but I
couldn't square it with the depth of Latro's
subsequent depression based on his reaction to similar
and indeed even worse, in a more personal sense,
tragedies and crimes that he witnesses and is involved
in prior to that event.  That disparity of affect made
me suspect that I was missing a deeper and more
personal betrayal, perhaps something related to the
circumstances under which Latro lost his memory in the
first place.  It also seemed to be accompanied by, or
succeeded by, a definite shift in his feelings for Io,
one, again, that made me suspect there was more going
on than just her having finally finagled her way into
his bed.


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