(urth) Two tombs

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On Tue, 04 Jul 2006 09:51:19 +1000 "Roy C. Lackey" 
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>Last year there was some debate about whether or not the mausoleum 

>Cilinia was buried was the same mausoleum where Severian played as 

>a boy.
>They are *not* the same, and I can prove it.
>There were a total of five coffins in Sev's mausoleum, two open on 

>floor and three intact on shelves. These latter three were too 
>heavy for him
>to even shift. (SHADOW, chap. II) Where Cilinia had been buried 
>there were
>"lots of coffins. They were supposed to be up on stone shelves, 
>but most of
>them were not, and a lot were empty." (RTTW, 391) "Lots" is, I 
>think, more
>than five, and "a lot" is certainly more than two. At any rate, no 

>how you parse it, the majority of the coffins in Sev's mausoleum 
>were on
>shelves. The majority of the coffins in Cilinia's mausoleum were 
>on the
>Plus, Cilinia's coffin was half the size of adult coffins.


I've tried to make up stories about who the other coffins in Sev's 
tomb might belong to, but I can't find anything to go on. And why 
*two* open? 

Ideas, anyone? 

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