(urth) Ascians' Thematic Purppose

don doggett kingwukong at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 30 18:59:34 PST 2006

You could also think of them as slaves to ASCII, that
is, their computers and technology (possibly this
influences their language as well?).  A somewhat
prescient notion to judge from all the cel phone
lights that come on in the theater when my wife and I
are trying to enjoy a movie. :(

Just my 2cents and a half


--- James Wynn <thewynns at earthlink.net> wrote:

> >Didn't Wolfe claim a classical origin for the word
> > Ascian?
> Yes, Ascian means "shadowless". Since the Ascians
> work for Erebus (which is
> the "darkness of Tartaros" according to Hesiod),
> they are ironically without
> a shadow, because they are in total darkness. To
> review this discussion, see
> here
> http://www.urth.net/urth/archives/v0208/
> etc.etc.etc.
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