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Yes. There is definitely a deliberate connection. Of that I have no doubt.


From: "Andy Robertson says:
>  From "The Norsemen" by H.A. Guerber
>The Giants' Ship
>A North Frisian tradition relates that the giants possessed a colossal
>called Mannigfual, which constantly cruised about in the Atlantic Ocean.
>Such was the size of this vessel that the captain was said to patrol the
>deck on horseback, while the rigging was so extensive and the masts so high
>that the sailors who went up as youths came down as gray-haired men, having
>rested and refreshed themselves in rooms fashioned and provisioned for that
>purpose in the hugh blocks and pulleys.
>  ------->
> A little bit of lore that may possibly have conributed to UOTNS?????
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