(urth) The Ship

Andy Robertson andywrobertson at clara.co.uk
Fri Feb 3 11:54:42 PST 2006


 From "The Norsemen" by H.A. Guerber 

The Giants' Ship 

A North Frisian tradition relates that the giants possessed a colossal ship, 
called Mannigfual, which constantly cruised about in the Atlantic Ocean. 
Such was the size of this vessel that the captain was said to patrol the 
deck on horseback, while the rigging was so extensive and the masts so high 
that the sailors who went up as youths came down as gray-haired men, having 
rested and refreshed themselves in rooms fashioned and provisioned for that 
purpose in the hugh blocks and pulleys. 


A little bit of lore that may possibly have conributed to UOTNS????? 

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