(urth) More on Juturna

Chris rasputin_ at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 28 13:07:01 PDT 2006

Roy said:
>I don't know about winning, but I'm not so sure he lost, either.
>Postdiluvian Juturna, at least, seemed to be getting along just fine. And,
>as I think Andrew pointed out, in the end Severian-the-Conciliator found
>himself a petty god in a pantheon of petty gods modeled on the autarch's
>court. That seems to me quite a come-down.

Well, one could also take the approach - which is part of my interpretation 
of the books, but on other grounds - that the undines are actually more 
primordial than Abaia and the other Megatherians. The undines are always 
going to be there no matter what happens; Abaia & co., while of the same 
general order of beings, are the more complex product of accumulated human 
history that is all washed away with the flood.

By this light the mistake would be in assuming that the undines necessarily 
serve the interests of Abaia in all things, just because they are generally 
subordinate to him.

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