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Tony Ellis tonyellis69 at btopenworld.com
Thu Apr 6 11:56:18 PDT 2006

Dan'l wrote (of time travel)

>This is given to us during the storytelling context. The Narrator
>travels into at least two peoples' stories that have already
>happened -- and at least one of them is quite surprised at it,
>in a way that shows that she perceives that her own past has
>been changed.

>I can't be much more specific, because it's been a couple
>of years since I reread SS.

Chapter 9 of In Green's Jungles, if people want a reference. Fava is
telling the story of what is clearly her own childhood on Green, and for
some reason brings Silkhorn into it. Silkhorn tells us that he starts to
imagine the scene vividly, and Fava then seems very surprised to find
herself describing how she was rescued by Silkhorn, as if that wasn't
what had happened. Silkhorn actually starts narrating the story directly
to us, as something happening to him.

But exactly what is going on here? Fava describes this person as
'stocky', which sounds like Horn rather than Silkhorn, and says that he
wanted to use her to frustrate his son's plans, which sounds like
something Horn would have wanted to do when he was on Green.

And why did Fava introduce Silkhorn (or Horn) to her story in first
place? Because that actually happened? Or was Fava's childhood too long
ago for Horn to have been there? I wonder if Fava genuinely did see Horn
while he was on Green, and in revisiting that time Silkhorn 'overlaid'
that self with his new self. A similar thing happens in Free Live Free.

But this topic needs a thread, possibly a website, all of its own.
Certainly Silkhorn demonstrates some sort of power to travel back in

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