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aramini1 at cox.net wrote:

> Jeff made the extremely valid point that a change in the character of
> a Greek God would be exceedingly out of character.  That was part of
> my original point: he needed to be clothed in human flesh to
> experience change and learn.  As a god, he was incapable of
> understanding humans completely.

That may be, but the problem arises, where does the change go when the 
mortal passes, or the god separates form the mortal? Again, you have the 
problem of changing the world or human nature. I suppose a change of the 
outward aspect of human nature over an age would be believable, with 
Ares quitting the spear as an age of peace spreads over the earth to 
presage the birth of Christ, but that would take many mortal lifetimes 
and presumably many mortals. This would remove much of Latro's 
specialness and make the coincidence of his wounding and cursing either 
unnecessary or ludicrously repeatable.

Then again, the age of peace began to break down again as soon as Herrod 
  heard the prophecy, so perhaps the answer is, Ares just took a 
holiday, then went back to the old killing business once more.

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