(urth) Juturna

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Fri Apr 7 11:35:46 PDT 2006

Just to muddy the waters a little more . . . earlier I wrote:

>Back in the throne room, Sev had asked her if she remembered saving him
>he was a boy: "No. It hasn't yet occurred. It will, because you spoke."
>(306) Very curious. Sev's pronouncement thus became a prophesy. The New Sun
>and the flood were established facts as she spoke before the throne, she
>knew for a fact that Sev would succeed in bringing the New Sun, yet she
>there to save him anyway that day if she could *and* she would see to it
>that she saved him from drowning in *her* future, which was *his* past. It
>seems to me that she succeeded on both counts.

The meeting in the throne room with Juturna was the third for Sev. The
second meeting was at the Cephissus river, when she tried to seduce him. At
that time she mentioned having previously saved him from drowning among the
clotted weeds in the Gyoll. Ergo, since from her perspective there in the
throne room she had yet to save him from drowning in the Gyoll, for her the
meeting at the Cephissus cannot have happened yet, either.

Yet she seems to know Sev. If that meeting in the throne room was not her
first, when could she have known him earlier, if not from their coming
encounter (coming from Sev's point of view) after the flood?


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