(urth) Marcus v. Franzen = Unexpected Wolfe sighting

Andy Robertson andywrobertson at clara.co.uk
Tue Oct 25 13:56:35 PDT 2005

Seth Lombardi writes: 

> In some way I took Able's limitations 
> as being a commentary on the limited (to Wolfe) heights of pagan, 
> pre-Christian heroics and morality. . . .

What you say makes sense, but what of the men and women in Midgarthyr who 
show unqualified heroism: especially Idunn?  Is she also so flawed, and the 
Valfather's blessing on her also a joke? 

I note that the pre-Christians also saw their gods as sometimes buffoons.  
It seems to be Thor/ Thunnor's main role.

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