(urth) Marcus v. Franzen = Unexpected Wolfe sighting

Yves Meynard meynard at videotron.ca
Sun Oct 23 20:55:49 PDT 2005

Chris says:
> I can barely stand to read half of these posts. And the most  
> cretinous ones
> (if that is a word, and if I am using it correctly) don't seem worth
> responding to, because they reflect opinions held by people so  
> certain of
> their own infallible faculty of interpretation that they are  
> impervious to
> correction.
It's a real word, but you're only technically correct if their  
authors suffer from severe thyroid defiency.

And yes, debating feels utterly pointless here -- though I do welcome  
Adam's contributions. Now, Rich Puchalsky says:

> The basic conceit of the books is taken from Yves Meynard's _The  
> Book of Knights_ (a much better book).
The first part of this statement is factually incorrect as far as I  
know, since Wolfe had already begun work on _The Wizard Knight_ long  
before he ever read TBoK. Then again, there are some clear parallels  
-- I am ill-suited to judge those objectively. And I did not ask  
Wolfe to tell me what exactly he had taken from my book, so I'm not  
sure how much of influence TBoK was. I've actually channeled Wolfe  
before, publishing a story set in a starship with a linear sun, with  
strong religious themes, shortly before _Nightside the Long Sun_  
appeared.  Make of that what you will.

As regards the second part of the statement, I shall keep silent.

Off to wash my studded codpiece,

Yves Meynard

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