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Michael Straight mfstraight at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 16:00:50 PST 2005

On 11/24/05, thalassocrat at nym.hush.com <thalassocrat at nym.hush.com> wrote:
> As to whether Wolfe himself thinks that this warrior-ethic-plus-
> obligations is an ideal political & social ethos: IMO, probably. He
> sure isn't a fan of democratic capitalism, for example. Personally,
> I think it sucks, to the extent I can take it seriously. But so
> what? I think Wolfe does extraordinarily well in telling the story,
> and his warrior-ethos world is for me exquisitely real, in the
> important things.

Again with the black/white, either/or.  Boring!

I think Wolfe finds some things about the
warrior-ethic-plus-obligations admirable.  I imagine there are in
democratic capitalism things that he would acknowledge as good.  Is
there nothing at all in the society Wolfe depicts that you find


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