(urth) Honor

Andy Robertson andywrobertson at clara.co.uk
Fri Nov 25 00:02:16 PST 2005

> By implication, the accusation extends upwards, to the Overcyn. In 
> the end, Art is an Overcyn, and he goes against the apparent wishes 
> of the Valfather to actually use his powers for the benefit of 
> humans. Nowhere else (I think) is there any suggestion that the 
> Overcyn have done this in the past. 

This is a good post, and you diagram Art's development well, but you are 
wrong if you think the pattern of pagan society did not include obligation 
down as well as up.   The feudal oath is about this obligation, and pagan 
pre-christian society depended on it.  As Art rises to Knight he gets plenty 
of education in these values from his seniors. 

OTOH Art (as a low-status man trying to fight his way up) certainly shows 
little of these values to start with. 

The Overcyn are an ideal pattern for humanity - among other things - and are 
also the fathers and guides of humanity.   They don't waste their powers on 
trivial things because they are not omnipotent - far from it, they are busy 
fighting Jotuns who are much more powerful than them - and their real hope 
is to raise up new warriors from men to the status of Overcyn in order to 
aid them. 

Valhalla isn't a lollipop reward for virtue: Mythgarthr is a proto-Overcyn 
training camp.   That's why they don't "use their powers to aid humanity." 



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