(urth) OT - Superhero family dramas

nastler nastler at yahoo.dk
Wed Mar 23 02:31:18 PST 2005

Batman is a stern father figure (in reality a
middle-aged bachelor) and all his enemies are his
"sons" who act outrageously (gay?) to attract his
attention. He therefore creates and shapes his enemies
actions and attributes.
cf. Spiderman who is a(n outrageous) son to all his
most famous enemies (Osbourne, Conners, Octavius,


--- Iorwerth Thomas <iorweththomas at hotmail.com> skrev:

> Regarding TDK, I think the British sf magazine SFX
> had a feature on it in 
> which Miller was of the opinion that most of
> Gotham's villans were as they 
> were due to the presence of Batman; the theory put
> forwards by the tv 
> psychologist that Batman is the locus of the chaos
> (since criminals define 
> themselves against him) is in fact what is going on.
>  This suggests a 
> reading in which the events of the graphic novel are
> nothing but a psychotic 
> wish fulfillment fantasy for Bruce Wayne; a nice
> comment on some 
> undercurrents of the superhero genre.  On that
> reading, it's no more facist 
> than Spinrad's 'The Iron Dream'.

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