(urth) Mamelta is Kypris?

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Thu Jul 28 12:30:49 PDT 2005

Re. the confabulation of Kypris, Hyacinth, Mamelta and the woman in Silk's
death vision who was his biological mother:

While it's true that Kypris said that Hy looked much like she herself had
looked when she was a real woman, I wouldn't attach too much meaning to it.
Iirc, Hy's tits were phony; who knows how much of her looks were artificial?
One thing she couldn't change was her height. Chenille said of her, "the top
of her head doesn't even hit my shoulder". She was short and petite, which
is why Silk was so amazed when she overpowered the pilot on the airship. He
made a big deal of it; it was part of what put him on the roof of the
airship contemplating suicide.

Silk's birth mother was also short. FWIW.

Mamelta, otoh, was a big girl. She was described by Silk as a "tall,
raven-haired woman".

If the silent woman in Silk's death vision, his biological mother, was
supposed to be a representation of the flesh-and-blood original of Kypris,
Typhon's mistress, what did Silk see? Was she short or tall?


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