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Marc Aramini skrev:

You may remember that a while ago I became interested
in the idea that Mamelta was Kypris - for several
reasons. The first was her black hair and 
blue eyes - a Hyacinth look-a-like, and we know that
Kypris loves Hy because of how closely she resembles
herself as a living girl. The second was from a 
vision on page 534 of Litany of the Long Sun

"the woman who slept in the glass tube, the tube in
which he himself now slept beside Chenille, who was
Kypris, who was Hyacinth, who was Mamelta, with
Hyacinth's jet-black hair,"

Chenille and Hyacinth were both possessed by Kypris -
and since Mamelta has Hyacinth hair, and Kypris had
Hyacinth hair, and they are all related here, I
figured it would be neat if Mamelta were Kypris. Then
I found this bit of niftiness: p 424

"But quite soon now, as the swift floater sailed over
a landscape grown liquid, his mother would come to
kiss him good-night; he liked to be awake for it, to
say distinctly, 'good night to you, too Mama,' when
she left. He resolved not to sleep until she came"

Here, Silk resolves not to sleep until his mommy comes
(here, it is Mama). Well, who does he meet in the next
chapter?  Mamelta! And later, what do we get in
Epiphany of the Long Sun (Calde,actually) on page 220:
"The Outsider was the dancing man on a toy, and the
water the polished toy-top on which he danced with
Kypris, who was Hyacinth and Mother, too."

Kypris is Mother!  and she is probably Mamelta, too. 
Now I understand why the Mamelta scene is so familiar
- it is like the Dorcas scene in Shadow of the
Torturer - except instead of Grandma, we get Silk's
mom! In the scene where he leaves his body, I am
certain that the tall man with blue eyes is Pas, and 
the mother (not the one who raised him) was Mamelta.

So Silk is the son of the father of the gods and his
lover, the only creature that he has mercy for.  And
Mamelta is Kypris; she goes down and repairs the 
circuitry that allows the exodus to begin.  She dies
in the lake (as St. Mamelta does - quick note though,
on the site, Mamelta is listed as a
male saint, but female on some other ones).  So she
allows her son to begin the descent, even though she
doesn't remember him. And his love for Hyacinth ... is
really his love for his mother.

--- aramini1 at skrev:

> This was one of my theories.  First off, her name
> begins with Ma, as Pas starts with Pa.  She has blue
> eyes, something Crane says is very rare, and so does
> Silk.  Silk descends the ladder and looks up at her
> genitals at the same time that he sees the stars,
> and gets the feeling of "home".  He has a vision
> before he runs into her that says he won't sleep
> until his "mother" comes, but we don't get to see
> that.  Instead, Mamelta shows up.  Kypris also had
> blue eyes and dark hair, and Silk was inexplicably
> attracted to Mamelta.  
> I don't know if I have any of the old links.
> Marc Aramini
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