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> >What would be Sir Garvaon's motive for killing Gilling? (Rhyme
> >unintentional) And why would Wolfe conceal this for so long?
>Jealousy.  Garvaon loved Idnn, and was obviously a more worthy suitor than
>either the monstrous Gilling or the cowardly Svon.
>It wasn't concealed for very long, as Wolfe's puzzles go.
> >For this and other reasons, I am fairly certain that Iddn is the 
>When Able says that the killer cannot be punished, Garvaon is dead, but
>Idnn is still alive.

I'm still uncertain about all this... Gilling gets stabbed twice... right? 
Is it the same person both times? Seems unlike Wolfe. Is that really Gilling 
on that flying horse? I'm not sure.

> >She agreed to marry Gilling to achieve power, which she maintains with 
> >army of giantesses, but killed him because sexual congress would mean her
> >death either in coitus or in giving birth to a giant, as Wolfe makes
> >gruesomely explicit.
>I wondered about that, since I don't remember another mention of the
>mothers of the Mice having difficult births.

He underlines it multiple times. See Idnn's breakdown to Able in _The 
Knight_ and the witch's illusion show to Toug in _The Wizard._


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