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Wed Jan 26 02:02:14 PST 2005

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>      BTW, Mani, Idunn, Thiassi, are all part of the Norse mythos.  
> However none of them are simple cut-and-paste versions of what in TWK 
> books.   Look at:

> http://www.mythome.org/nordic.html

As is the spring Mimir, which I think is mentioned only once.  It's 
where the Valfather took Able to drink so as to recover his memories 
(page 56 of TW).Again, it's not a simple cut-and-paste version, though.  
I'd bet there's many more references to the Norse mythos we haven't 
found yet.  

Stone OX (Peter)

> P.S.  Damn.  Trolls *are* part of the Norse mythos.  Oh well.

Again, not quite a simple cut-and-paste version.

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