(urth) Sinew's parentage

James Wynn thewynns at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 21 15:29:26 PST 2005

In case Kieran's post doesn't "take" I'll offer this one.

Is Sinew be Marrow's son?

1) Sinew doesn't "quite" fit with Horn's name. Not the way Hoof and Hide do.
But it does work with Marrow.

2) Marrow bailed out Horn and Nettle when their farming venture failed, so
they could get a fresh start. He didn't sell them into slavery as he did
with others. What did Marrow get in return?

3) When Horn leaves New Viron in his boat, Marrow tosses his cane into the
boat _just as Sinew tossed his knife_ as Horn left Lizard Island. I believe
the text makes this precise comparison.

4) Horn harbors a distinct resentment for Sinew that is not explainable by
any of Sinew's actions.


~ Crush

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