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James Wynn thewynns at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 28 13:13:28 PST 2005

>I'm also confused about whether Mythgarthr really exists, or is just an
>internal construction of Able's (while he's really being whisked off in an
>ambulance).  If everything is internal, then the identification of the
>Lady with his mother makes more sense.  Do any defenders/opponents of
>this interpretation want to weigh in?  In fact, is Mythgarthr necessarily
>either internal or external, or could it somehow be both at once?

I think Setr, Garsecg, Abel, Valfather, and Michael, are all in a sense
Arthur himself.

I suppose it could be both at once but I think it is absolutely significant
that Valfather bows to Michael and in Germany the shrines to Odin were
replaced with chapels to St. Michael.

In another sense, Arnthor, Weiland, Ravd, Toug and all the other heroes are
Arthur as well. And Idnn and the Lady and the Witch and Parka and Mag are
all Able's mother. Berthold and Thor are both Ben (Thor had a stone lodged
in his head from an ax wound that never got properly removed and so did

A knight does not conquer Ogres. He primarily tests, learns from, and
conquers himself.

Does Wolfe expect anyone to probe that far? I suppose so since he had Able
see the ambulance.

~ Crush

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