(urth) Sinew's parentage

James Wynn thewynns at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 23 17:05:04 PST 2005

I had just sat down to post something about this and looky here...

Stone Ox wrote:
>> I'm not arguing with him (yet).
>You haven't yet.  The Amazon search copy (even the one
>linked from the hardback edition) has the page numbers
>from the mass market paperback.

Yeah. I was able to find with the quote you provided. I missed it the first
time through. It had a ">" at the start of if and I took for part of my
post. Sorry about that. And thanks for the quote.

And my last post came off more peevish than I intended. I'm working a lot of
hours lately. Sorry 'bout that too. It might have contributed to the
peevishness of Roy's post, but I'm not sure about that.

Now as for that quote:
"... Within that point of light [the Whorl] Sinew had been conceived, in all
probability, in the
Calde's Palace.  It did not seem possible." pg 430

That's a very good point and I don't have a ready answer for it.

However, when I was shaving this morning I remembered something about that
"timeline problem" in the SS that I mentioned in my post. When I was reading
the SS, I could not get the idea that Sinew's name seemed all wrong for
Horn's son, but worked quite well for SILK's son. A sinew is a kind of
thread and so is silk. And both names start with the same letter. But Horn
gave a description of the timeline of Sinew's birth that made me convinced
(aside from the normal disinclination's to the theory) that it was
impossible for Silk to be Sinew's father. Now Roy has reminded me of a
reference I had forgotten about that puts Silk back on the spot.

Now Roy (if I'm at all familiar with Roy and I am) will hit the roof a this.
But (mournings glory's assurances aside) Sinew's name has always smelled
suspicious to me. I suppose when I get back to Texas, I'll have re-read the
LS and SS just to find the timeline problem that puts Sinew's conception
outside of the Whorl.

Oh, before anyone mentions it, I'm well aware that Horn says Sinew looks
exactly like him -- "devilishly" so (devilishly? Why should it be surprising
at all?). But that doesn't surprise me in the least even if Sinew is not
Horn's natural son, for reasons I'll be better able to explain if I can
decide -- to the degree of certainty that Roy has -- who Sinew's bio-dad is.

~ Crush

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