(urth) Sinew's parentage

StoneOx17 at aol.com StoneOx17 at aol.com
Wed Feb 23 15:03:17 PST 2005

Hi Crush,
> >I say: be careful when you argue with Roy Lackey
> >about points of fact in Wolfe novels.  He has, as
> >I've come to realize, the annoying habit of nearly
> >always being correct.
> I'm not arguing with him (yet). But I did not find
> the information at the location he provided, so it
> is possible that he may have already tipped his hand
> to his mortality.
You haven't yet.  The Amazon search copy (even the one
linked from the hardback edition) has the page numbers
from the mass market paperback.
> I have three things to say for the record:
... snipped.
> 3) I've found Roy to be remarkable in his ability to
> recall a pertinent and important quote, but as human
> as the rest of us in his analysis. I would certainly not
> scare anyone away from disagreeing with him before they've
> even started, and I can't imagine that he would want that
> either.
I wasn't trying to scare anyone away from disagreeing with
him.  I did say points of fact, by which I meant to exclude
interpretations.  There are at least two or three aspects of
the interpretation of Peace that I think Roy is wrong about
(and several others that we've argued about that I've since
come around to his side on).   Also, you're taking my post
more personally than I intended it.  My intention was to
compliment Roy on his remarkable ability you note above, and
not to make a dig at you.  My apologies if you interpreted it otherwise.
-- Stone Ox (Peter)

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