(urth) Sinew's parentage

mournings glory mourningsglory at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 21 18:08:25 PST 2005

>Is Sinew Marrow's son?

>1) Sinew doesn't "quite" fit with Horn's name. Not the way Hoof and Hide 
>But it does work with Marrow.

Not sure I agree. Most cultures that process their own meat (as opposed to 
shopping at a supermarket) consider horns, hooves, hides (skin) and sinews 
(tendons) to be inedible; all, however, can be rendered down into gelatin. 
So "sinew" at least for me seems part of a logical subset of possible filial 

"Marrow," on the other hand, may be meant to suggest another crimelord in 
another Viron; i.e., Blood.

>4) Horn harbors a distinct resentment for Sinew that is not explainable by
>any of Sinew's actions.

The -ew ending of Sinew may be a Roman-a-clef-type-clue that he represents 
Wolfe's estranged son Matthew--something at least family members and close 
friends would recognize.


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