(urth) 5HC : Utopias and tests

Iorwerth Thomas iorweththomas at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 4 06:10:29 PST 2005

>From: Jim Raylor <rjraylor at yahoo.co.uk>

>Turing abstracted by considering simple devices with a
>finite number of states, from this he came upon the
>basis of universal computing devices and an
>operational definition of mathematical undecidability.
>I maintain 5HC is a logically and operationally
>decidable proposition within the axiomatic structure
>of literature and art.

Ok, I'll bite.  What's the axiomatic structure, and does it support:

a) Self-reference
b) classical or non-classical logic ?

(You might find that the system is Godel incomplete...)

I'm not convinced that 5HoC is anything at all like a proposition.  It's a 
little... big.


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