(urth) Looking for an old fanzine

Fernando Q. Gouvea fqgouvea at colby.edu
Fri Dec 23 14:00:52 PST 2005

I remember, long long ago, a fanzine (perhaps called "Book of Gold") that
published a few issues in which they went through the Latro books (or
perhaps only "Soldier of the Mist") sorting out references and commenting
on source material. A search through my many piles of old stuff wasn't
successful. Does anyone else remember these? I'd love to see those again.



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Among the mail that comes unbidden to my door is the very extensive
catalog of a Christian bookseller... The front portion was given over
largely to what appeared to be method books for achieving comfortable
intimacy with God. I wonder which God these titles referred to, and
whether the object of their religion might be more efficiently
accomplished by eliminating the byway of Christianity in favor of a
strong drug and a friendly pet.
  -- S. M. Hutchens, in Touchstone, December 2001

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