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Tue Dec 13 08:48:21 PST 2005

--- Maru Dubshinki <marudubshinki at gmail.com> wrote:

> Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't they descend
> from perfection? If they
> go from perfection
> to imperfection, then it is not hard to believe that
> it would be impossible
> to ever get back....
> without the aid of the MHG. Reminds me of the
> doctrine of the Fall, that
> perfection once lost
> is impossible to regain with merely
> mortal/imperfect/sinful efforts, and
> that only the intercession
> of Jesus and his blood can we be lifted up to
> perfection.

But it's unlike the Fall in that these angels
voluntarily sacrificed their claim to perfection in
order to deal with the problem of Ymir, knowing that
they couldn't return.

I also wonder if Able is not a kind of dividing line,
like Christ, a new dispensation or the way toward a
new dispensation.  He is at first bound by all the
strictures that bind other denizens of the various
levels, but only until he breaks through them --
again, just as Christ had to die before he could
demonstrate the defeat of death through resurrection. 
It seems to me that Wolfe sees Able as a Christlike
figure in this cosmos -- not strictly analogous to
Christ but pointing the way to the MHG.


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