(urth) TWK: Able's future

James Wynn thewynns at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 6 21:34:50 PST 2005

Roy says:
>That can't be right. There's no place up for him to go but Kleos. Able's
> association with Michael is not enough to get him to Kleos.

Hmm...maybe. But why would Michael seek Able's help for a lord in Skai?
Michael went seeking Able--seeking an Able that didn't exist when Able first
met him. The idea of proceeding ever upwards seems to be the overall theme
of the novel. Michael is only the second person from Kleos (at best) that
Able has met. Is it surprising that Able would be a hero in Kleos? Look how
quickly Able seems to have risen to prominence in Skai.


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