(urth) TWK: Able's future

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Tue Dec 6 21:09:26 PST 2005

Last month I wrote:
>>And, at the end, even though Able turned his back on Skai, it seems he
will be given a position in a still higher realm than Skai;<< [snip]

That can't be right. There's no place up for him to go but Kleos. Able's
association with Michael is not enough to get him to Kleos. Able wrote from
Aelfrice, where he saw the events in Mythgarthr play out across the sky. He
mentioned a future time when he will return to Mythgarthr. The "great lord"
mentioned by Michael as being in need of a champion is not God, who has no
need of one, least of all in Kleos. We are told that there are other worlds
on all the levels except the first and last. It may be that the "great lord"
in need of a champion is on another world on the fourth level, a world other
than Dream or Mythgarthr. Maybe our own. It may even be that the "great
lord" is on a world on the third level other than the Valfather's. That
might be the explanation for the apparent mixing of unrelated Celtic
(Gawain) and Norse traditions that Able seems to have experienced, a
cross-contamination of worlds in the same way that he went from America to


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