(urth) Mamelta is Kypris?

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Roy says:
>Re. the confabulation of Kypris, Hyacinth, Mamelta and the woman in Silk's
>death vision who was his biological mother:
>While it's true that Kypris said that Hy looked much like she herself had
>looked when she was a real woman, I wouldn't attach too much meaning to it.
> Iirc, Hy's tits were phony; who knows how much of her looks were
>One thing she couldn't change was her height. Chenille said of her, "the
>of her head doesn't even hit my shoulder".

I believe the "looks like I used to bit" refers to her black hair and maybe
her eyes (I'll have to recheck that). Kypris used to look like Hy in the
same way she used to look like Mint (thus her attempt to possess her). She
looked like Hy in the same way and for the same reasons that Marble said
*she* looked like Teasle or Dahlia with black short hair. Black short hair
in both cases.

>[Hy] was short and petite, which
>is why Silk was so amazed when she overpowered the pilot on the airship. He
>made a big deal of it; it was part of what put him on the roof of the
>airship contemplating suicide.

Yeah, does anything strike you as fishy about that? Like maybe he wasn't
only in dispair about Hy being too good a fighter?

>Silk's birth mother was also short. FWIW.
>Mamelta, otoh, was a big girl. She was described by Silk as a "tall,
>raven-haired woman".
>If the silent woman in Silk's death vision, his biological mother, was
>supposed to be a representation of the flesh-and-blood original of Kypris,
>Typhon's mistress, what did Silk see? Was she short or tall?

I'm pretty sure right now that the "souls" of people in the Mainframe looked
the way they saw *themselves.*  Tartaros had no form because he had no
concept of his looks. He told Auk:
"What your augurs and sibyls see, if they see anything, is the self-image of
the god who chooses to be seen. You say that you could nearly make out the
face of my father's concubine, her self as she imagines that self to appear.
I feel confident that it was a beautiful face. I have never meta any woman
more secure in her own vanity. In the same fashion, we sound to them as we
conceive our voices to sound...What you see [of me], Auk, is that part of me
which can be seen. That is to say, nothing, I came blind from the womb, Auk,
and because of it I am incapable of formulating a visual image for you.

It seems to me that the self-images of the divine modules must have been
manipulated for Echidna or Typhon or Scylla to see themselves as monsters.
But they could not be overhauled or implanted. Tartaros implies this just
prior to this when he says that he could not be made to see even as a god.

Is it the same for humans. I believe it is, even though I don't have an
suitable *human* example. I do however have an example of a human *soul*: in
Jahlee. The Rajan is approached by a drunk woman from behind. He hears her
voice and thinks it is Chenille.
"They're y'are."
I looked around at the swaying woman behind me and said, "Chenille?"
"Tha' lady on Green? No, 's me." Jahlee dropped onto Auk's stool and leaned
across the table on her hands. "Guesh my faish's not sho good, huh?"
"Don't smile," I told here.
"I won'. I'sh jush show hungry. I foun' thish woman in a alley."
"Not so loud, please."
"drank 'n drank, 'n I fell down 'n I knew I better shtop."
~ RTTW pg 155

This is about as straightforward as you get for this kind of thing from
Wolfe -- Jahlee's mother fed on Chenille. Chenille's soul is in Jahlee. She
was drunk, she sounded just like Chenille when *she* was drunk. What does
the soul in Jahlee look like?
I went over to watch Rigoglio, and in a moment more found Jahlee clinging to
me like the lianas, her body warm and damp with perspiration (as those of
inhumi never are), and fragrant with some heavy, cloying scent. Long sorrel
hair that proceeded from no wig draped us both like the vines of Silk's
arbor. When I tried to free myself from her, she grinned at me. "I've got
teeth here. Real teeth, Rajan. Adieu to my famous tight-lipped smile! Look
what I can do now." She grinned again, more broadly than ever...Jahlee
joined me there, naked still save for her long hair....I spoke to Hide.
"Honesty compels me to tell you that Jahlee is not an inhuma at present. She
is a human being here, exactly as we are, and I believe for the same
reason..."...[Hide said] "You really look a lot more like my real father
here. You're taller than he was and older, but you look more like him than
you used to."
RTTW pg 315-320

Sorrel is reddish brown color. Chenille's hair, as Roy noted in his other
post, was not red or reddish. It was dark. How dark I can't say right now;
I don't believe black, but dark. But her image of herself was having reddish
hair mingled with dark brown roots. Sorrel.

Later the Rajan described Jahlee when she is an inhuma again:
"The third member of our party is my daughter Jahlee. She is of medium
height, red-haired and attractive, with a smooth almond-shaped face and a
sly smile many find captivating."
~ RTTW pg 20

Is he describing her soul or the way the way she looks to others? Well, I
don't think he considers an inhuma to be his daughter, so I think he himself
is describing her soul, but it may be one in the same. Likely it is.

Sooo...what did Kypris/Silk's mother look like in the mainframe? She looked
the way she saw herself. Not as she truly looked.

I'm sorry if it seems I've made much out of little, Roy, but it is important
to clarify this point before I answer your other post.

~ J

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