(urth) Tomb it may concern (was: The eyes of a clone)

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Mon Aug 1 20:30:46 PDT 2005

--- Tony Ellis <tonyellis69 at btopenworld.com> wrote:

> It's Severian's tomb. 

(followed by relevant support)

However, this doesn't preclude it being Ymar's tomb as
well.  It's a mausoleum which probably holds many
bodies.  The name Ymar can also mean ox (horn
anyone?hoof, hide, sinew?) and the ox is symbolic of
the Aleph.  And Sev doesn't have to be a clone of Ymar
to -be- him.  Witness how Able and Arnthor are both
"King Arthur" in WK.  My fancy (and that's all it is)
is that they are clones of each other in the most
mundane of all ways:  they are twins, separated
through time. (though I guess being separated through
eons of time isn't so mundane after all).  Come to
think of it, if Horn is a clone of Ymar, (who is
undoubtedly, in my mind, Typhon's bastard- there is no
other way to legitimize his rule. The conciliator's
intercession was far too peripheral to support a
successful rebellion) it makes much more sense why
Silkhorn would meet Severian.  But I'm rampantly
speculating now.  I'll do that in my own head and save
you the eyestrain.


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