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Well, it depends. From the links I posted, Borski in 1999 claims that Wolfe 
has emphatically denied that the worlds are the same, but does not say 
when/where. It's hearsay, but Borski is not the most unreliable source for 
something like that.

Then there is a Q & A session from 97, which was quoted but not directly 
linked in my last post. Link: 
http://www.urth.net/whorl/archives/v0007/0511.shtml - text:

25.  "Does Green/Blue have anything to do with THE FIFTH HEAD OF

I know that we can semantically wiggle around with this, but there doesn't 
seem to be much point.

I have taken the position that you can't consult the author for the "right" 
way to interpret his text - everything absolute that the author has to 
contribute to the meaning of the text is *in the text*. Others would like to 
rely on asking questions of the author and take the position that his word, 
even after the fact, is law - and this is a consistent enough position until 
you then start wrangling over how to interpret his answers to those 
questions. At that point you are no better off than you were before.

> >I realize this topic has been discussed (to death?) by the list
> >before and also that Wolfe's own answers have tended to
> >quash the idea of a "reality" behind the parallel, but the
> >coincidences are interesting enough in their own right to be
> >worth listing out anyhow.
>Has Wolfe emphatically denied that Bleen is Number Five's
>system? I do remember him responding to Gevers' question
>as to whether it "would be useful" to view the systems as a
>the same and Wolfe said, "I really couldn't say."
>I posted a quite extensive list on this once upon a time
>but I don't see it in the archives so maybe it was posted
>in the lost year.  Here is a partial list:
>+ St. Anne is a green colored planet. Watery St Croix is blue.
>Incidently, "Pandora, by Holly Hollander" also employs the
>Green/Blue connection since the two protagonists' names are
>Holly (an evergreen) and Alladin Blue.
>+ Mr. Million is a walking sacred window. Chems could be
>thought of being the same.
>+ Spiral staircase in the library and The Eye in which
>Sandwalker is held are both *whorls*.
>The following are (apparently) debatable, although I don't
>seriously doubt them:
>+ Number Five and V.R.T are *somehow* twins, since they
>share each other's dreams. Horn meets his twin, another "Horn"
>among the Neighbors.
>+ St. Anne has senient trees. In SS, the Neighbors *are*  in
>some ways trees, and if one doubts that, there is no doubting
>that Krait spoke of them that way:
>"The trees are bigger up the river. Bigger and older, and not
>so sleepy." 306 OBW
>+ The annese were originally "long" as the Shadow Child told
>Sandwalker. So I'm guessing they were originally in the form
>of the "huge worms, luminous but of the livid color of a dead
>man's lips, writhe underfoot at night" found by Dr. Marsch.
>Of course, the inhumi are also frequently compared to snakes.
> >- St. Anne abos...were said to be capable of
> >  assuming forms far more varied than the inhumi.
>I'm not convinced we know the extent of the forms
>inhumi can take. We know they can assume human disguise
>because humans are the subject of the story. But they must
>have assumed other forms before humans came, and I
>strongly suggest you pay close attention to those lianas (and
>the Rajan's staff which was made from a liana).
> >- The 'neighbors' are said to have 4-legged / 4-armed bodies,
> > obviously different from the shrunken humanoid bodies of the
> > shadow children.  They have mostly left Green/Blue where they were
> > native, whereas the shadow children were said to be immigrants who
> > came to St. Anne.
>There is a great deal of doubt about what the Shadow Child tells
>Sandwalker as to their pasts. In fact, Wolfe has referred to Sandwalker
>as "the Shadow Child".
>Oh yeah. And there's another similarity between Number Five' family and
>and Tussah's but for the life of me, I can't remember what it is.
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