(urth) bluegreenandcerberus

James Wynn thewynns at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 29 07:15:14 PDT 2005

>[Dave Lebling, aka vizcacha identifies an extremely important thread
>in Wolfe's works, and then says...]
>I realize that this isn't what you are looking for, but I think it's more
>likely than any convoluted scheme that ties Wolfe's novels and stories
>together by plot.

I agree.  I think is is obvious that Wolfe is riffing
off some unidentified themes and references, and that he
recycles some of his previously used ideas and motifs to
employ them in other stories.

To tie the stories together narratively does not seem to be
possible given the differences between the inhumi and the
annese that have already been noted.


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