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Chris wrote:

> Jeff Wilson wrote:
>> Some or all of the above may be a reflection of GW's experiences with 
>> his alma mater...
>> Oh, and the vivisection as well, lest we forget.
> ...
> ...
> What?

Texas A&M has a prominent veterinary school, it occupies several 
buildings on campus, some decorated with sculpted animal skulls. Part of 
the curriculum involves practicing surgical procedures on live animals.

Now that I think about it, the university is a fair microcosm of Urthian 
architechture and geography, compressed in time as well as space. It has 
sprawled noticeably between my leaving 17 years ago and my latest visit 
this spring, but even during GW's matriculation it apparently had 
occupational segregation, hidden nooks and forgotten alcoves, disparate 
parts connected via tunnel, technical wonders alongside agrarian 
commonality, ritual fire of cannon far older and longer at peace than 
their operators were old.

There's even a bronze fasces forming the base of the flagpole at the old 
center of campus! I'll have to seriously think about compiling a LEXICON 
TEXAS with some of these factoids some day.

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