(urth) Elementary

James Wynn thewynns at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 26 16:02:23 PDT 2005

>["The Great Prince Dies" is] the "book about the assassination of Trotsky"
>that Number Five finds next to Virginia Woolf's _Monday or Tuesday_ and
>was written by Bernard Wolfe, who, besides having been a bodyguard for
>Trotsky in Mexico, also wrote in various genres and was a frequent
>contributer to Playboy. His only
>sf novel is _Limbo_ (once hailed by JG Ballard as the best American sf
> novel)...

Actually, the section Number Five is looking in seems to be the "science
fiction authors" section; that is, any authors who have written science
fiction. The library seems to organize its books the way I do rather than
according to the DDS.

Apparently, the original or one of his clones had written SF or had written
something (like his life story) that was believed to be SF.


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