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Fri Aug 26 15:32:24 PDT 2005

Maru writes:

>I've never heard of "The Great Prince Dies".

It's the "book about the assassination of Trotsky" that Number Five finds 
next to Virginia Woolf's _Monday or Tuesday_ and was written by Bernard 
Wolfe, who, besides having been a bodyguard for Trotsky in Mexico, also 
wrote in various genres and was a frequent contributer to Playboy. His only 
sf novel is _Limbo_ (once hailed by JG Ballard as the best American sf 
novel), but when Gene Wolfe first began to make a name for himself, he may 
have been frequently asked if he was related to this other Wolfe (let alone 
Tom and Thomas). For more info see either Clute's _Encyclopedia_ or Harlan 
Ellison's intro to B. Wolfe's stories in _Again, Dangerous Visions_ .

Also, while I have your attention: the Linnaean binomial for wolf is "Canis 
lupus," and it's a well-established fact that wolves and dogs can 
interbreed. Biologically, it can even be argued they are the same species, 
and while "chien" and "loup" are not perfect synonyms like "car" and "auto,"
the difference is more an artificial distinction than an actual one.

C5H9NO4 (he, he)

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